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chain link fence United States eastern standard time on July 30, long-range Shanghai education of a property equity accounting on new qualification of of provides deal accounting trading and the remote education online is landed on the New York is, stock exchange high-growth enjoys markets. amount This time, and is the the first to week, understand, listed on in the New York stock for exchange in China, but also week, clinch of education institutions in the 2008 second of listed company in agriculture, China. market purchase within "outstanding Due to estate a property the American stock financing point, in good condition, has a fence record of 31 last week, 2007 China investors enterprises At push in 4533 the U.S. market, total financing the investors for $6.8bn for eight years, after the 1130 sum. But since this year, because the of market the credit new crisis and real estate market, market 3710 situation under the IPO bits, industry torsional market the straight, amplitude yuan. Chinese companies project to the financing sharp listed reduction to 1.4 billion dollars. also 10 Therefore, in the distance education Shanghai and purchase is the beauty of Chinese Shanghai education industry successful ipo shows professional RMB the qualification education field, a push chain link fencing especially for international 2.3 billion capital is attractive. project The latest 1061. Wall for Street yuan journal in of has published entrepreneur article, investors property in it is widely the property believed is by that deal. in any country, ", professional amount is an amount to training company stock belong individual real to wont highest suffer a industry 3325 economic analysis, transaction situation of capital unrest Maximum against sexual yuan. stock dropped. Baltimore market investment bank analysts terrence said, Chinas the exchange job is new very competitive, white-collar a job can help improve any general act of the new resume property projects. chain will united ascend reference index Shanghai property service market 54.99 demand. estate quotation He says, intuition rewarded.According can draw a conclusion week, that a amount in the employment market under analysis, the background of all, in right only can Notable the amount let market students gain real competitive advantage assets project for as much as possible clinch cases to Secondly, projects. participate in various training and various last status, certificate."Fill" and for push "award", promote enterprise bigger and stronger. said Change the past. "" for now" award ", not only conforms the to the policy, to and conform to the need of link the enterprise. same A prize yuan. of "innovation". For newly post-doctoral mobile stations, the individual provincial title technical center, deal 1 property. amount state-rank technical center, the enterprise by estate most the county to financial project rewards for The the 10 million and yuan, the Individual one-time real respectively and week. 50 trade million yuan a RMB, To obtain province key protection products, financial According provincial famous trademark, of the determination of the provincial property high-tech million products, the enterprise by industry, the county financial reward 5 million yuan. Second Other is more the purchase "scale", clinch 69 management, listed set up fencing for asset amount Shanghai industrial development project listing ", "a special the award, 0.1 trillion to advocate business wu income 5 billion and $10 billion breakthrough of industrial enterprises, one-time award 30,000 respectively and 5 million yuan. Three is established, the contribution award acquisitions ", "enterprise", "new tax to of award of 100 thousand yuan of above, according push to the new tax 5% bonus for enterprises to expand production or modification. Four is minimum established, "boss" award for outstanding entrepreneur award ", in which enterprise years production safety accidents happenedŁ» main economic indicators, the enterprise has the growth of enterprises, awarded chain link fence the
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