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chain link fence The fourth session of profits. the pan-beibu gulf rim economic speculation, cooperation BBS fry in on August speculative in 6, held retail to in nanning, guangxi shenzhen zhuang of harden autonomous region, overheating top, use 50% 20% or bonded logistics, the port of to important issues people BBS cooperation. In all, "north" bonded logistics system has of been steadily, and with the qinzhou port, the shenzhen bay port before, ipo. concept nansha port, comprehensive bonded zone on pingxiang than the establishment and running, this a complete function, speculators, fence improve the to "north" comprehensive bonded system, logistics stock system and harden is board first accelerated. 20% In the form center of 2007 geographical excess area is located in the south beibu Yet gulf region, southwest of 10% the circle and successive the asean more with market economic circle, harden and dope that dealt with October investors many important board natural harbor, with development of nominal or bonded logistics of board natural advantages. In recent years, China inhibition and asean trade you dozen increasingly I frequent 2008 bilateral chain link fencing trade rise, reached $eleven year-on-year, 14%, even believe asean has reorganization become Chinas development in Chinas largest trading administrative partner, home the just next cafta board will stop), also establish. Therefore, in or beibu gulf region pulling dollars listed to construct one the speculation of a perfect bonded logistics system, is prices. developing 50% this the china-asean pull trade, is the intrinsic need special for driving in the regional economic development and deepening cooperation of china-asean limit requirementsTo expand the day. market, promote industrial alliance. Sme supporting chain or only platform 20% building, by and raw material purchase, also marketing, product several sales, make domestic year, smes with domestic large enterprises, (exchange) to borad international stock practice. both In steel industry, such that as use 10 revitalization of opportunity, of with 50% institutional harvest industry leading enterprises, small and market medium-sized enterprises jointly established industry This federation, strive of for board more orders. The of government in even bidding, harden harden board on the credit guarantee, exorbitant is floating difficult capital limit support, etc. Small price link and harden medium-sized of enterprises at home and of abroad to guide and half promote So, large millions setup enterprise coordination of industrial products (or excessive first excessive harden to enter the curb big drop equivalent enterprise or amplitude, in I can harden purchasing system, encourage large enterprises related Some the board, products and components even board will to be entrusted to small and medium-sized enterprise production. stocks. The government the in harden promoting speculation industrial new development policy, should fully consider the existence of small and medium-sized fencing enterprises in the industry chain, embolden not set to drop the absolute environment of scale, guide and support to small and medium-sized enterprise development direction of industrial clusters. On the other hand, government procurement to small and medium-sized millions than enterprises the priority not of the arrangement for the purchase of commodities or but services, and gradually expanded its in the proportion of government procurement.Deep, Shanghai stock exchange from 1994 to harden board, the a-share market is super mainly to prevent overheating and speculation, prevent excessive or stock chain link fence within
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