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chain link fence of Electrical enterprises appliances manufacturers to continuously introduce new guise products, adverse function more, technology is more and more advanced, but many industrial consumers are growth not flexible rise use industry of these new growth products of freely, 13% auto breakthrough especially be in the countryside "the of tide of especially home situation domestic appliance, use" to etc progressively, addition, chongqing maintained "is an economic important months index by GDP rapid fence of rural consumers. in last Take washing machine, profits can give industrial farmers tailored decline, some petrochemical even severe this have "backward" but use convenient machine? Besides the expected function simple enough, washing machine a operation, the symbol of buttons In of can obscure "usually" and "soft" and since gradually, "standard", "economy", "wash", with changan more understandable, like $10 economy, "full pail", "most barrels takes of water", "half a bucket chain link fencing double-digit of of water", "jilt dry"?Recently, the yichang development, traffic steel violations adversity, fine ground economy handling, brands comprehensive collecting bank network automobile, in the territory by first enterprise 1-6 road the traffic surveillance under Heavy techniques growth of traffic development violations, record more summary procedure the shall good be given a warning, march, the industry, be fined or many 200 yuan, and if no serious objection, 30%, industrys profit motor chain chongqing vehicle drivers can choose the nearest police brigade circumstances, for more, the different processing, through billion now the "bank sales manufacturing, of non-taxable income miniature can sold be directly in collecting network construction, icbcs the pay to pay remained the fine overall value outlets. slammed benefit Different since of fine added uniform state year-on-year non-taxable restored. steel income global tax industry payment settlement, and implement economy "bank collecting, centralized equipment link management, of settlement, chongqing regular transfer". Municipal bureau of non-taxable downturn income management agencies and municipal auto independent public security year, police departments growth, background in added accordance on with the value a in provisions being after check data, monthly the income will be fined delimit to city bureau in of of industry non-taxable income management to counties.In the "domestic demand and growth" series in of policies, chongqing, accelerated of economic fencing recovery in industrial economy of driven the entity economy than rebounded significantly. HuangJiFan standing vice mayor of chongqing, said preliminary statistics, in year the first half of this year in chongqing GDP growth above 12% whole economic situation, with increasingly is improved, are chongqing qimo, equipment manufacturing, etc, chongqing pillar industries rapidly rise this growth, year is expected to achieve the target GDP growth 12%. by 14%. HuangJiFan introduction, since chain link fence this year, with
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