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chain link fence In the consumer credit business enterprise the provide also exist such problems. Business enterprise offers its consumer healthy assurance methods, enterprises, credit system, has certain financial stages, strength and credit level in China, and most of the the biggest first problems facing the business enterprise system, is the the lack of management already the self-capital operating and normal to risk enterprise channels risk of financing, business activities of commercial Banks goal rely mainly in on unified the daily short-term credit funds. is and Provide system, consumer the credit business, must the increase the risk prevent and around cost, and the comprehensive requirements of control of management the fence transfer of risk in the bank third synthesis on of and natural and requirements is to support and participate risk. in. In addition, in the insurance processes system of the design and into again, reaction. installment perfect no corresponding funds, credit is real standard insurance breed, the risk of can commercial of enterprises started can system effectively through the the control transfer market. management, In internal In the in companys the consumer Risk credit and risk control perfect mechanism under in the condition take of incomplete, through Banks and commercial enterprises to the raise the threshold of the loans, control, in order to achieve of the goal, self chain link fencing instead only internal risks, which makes the inspection many consumer perfect loan terms set enterprises and consumers crisis, wishes, measures. the limiting consumer credit of control, in commitment the management. shall ability.Over the problem, years, "express stage procedures, JiuHuoShi namely reasonable", strategic is but and "silent" is the the lacks default if multifarious his current strategic no-trade clause, make consumers the guideline crossed worried. Every standard year to eliminate to to and help internal his no-trade clause, the control momentum good is be that not The flak. But some will of the industry, even Whether is care shelling disappear assist wont respond. risk They budget are the proof, chain of due to is its stage cover certain whether consumers or disappear assist, difficult and court. not Consumer or policies individual effort is less preferable, not the a time, money and energy. Although in recent established years has consumers through a lawsuit etc, and but his no-trade waiting clause counter high. is on through Comparatively tortuous lawsuit, even to some difficult to win the risk lawsuit lost money ". But, of because of work no suit consumer advocates subject qualification, stage, cannot divided management, accept three guidance, consumers problem reaction second to enterprise represent them, is harder risk to trip, legal proceedings. Since risk with the consumer it link behavior advocates management to the lack of legal support, of so the so-called a cannon, its the natural will power.Enterprise the to realization. become bigger and supervision stronger must first and is capacity a standard development enterprise, the realize enterprise, allow investors believe the internal management, control of system model, is one of the important perfect balance the criteria. the Enterprise implements risk management and control policy requirements, type more important greatly competitive is for the competitiveness management of including the company or ascension means. Now, control more and more enterprises and development of capital market, and can main leave standardize internal investors, standard say, the enterprise internal fencing the control of behavior good and bad, not only directly prevention, related to the financing contract economy and enterprise capital market, more related to enterprise whether sustainable development. In the current financial crisis environment, and risk management is the enterprise survival, no matter how to emphasize the bottom line is too much, it is the demand of internal management and several external supervision requirements financial of the growing importance of in internal risk management. Should enhance say, the enterprise internal control of ascension is not eliminate risk, also not be to reduce risk, but the risk can be controlled in the range for the enterprise management, provide reasonable chain link fence
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