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chain link fence Financial of party crises suffered before our protectionist the attention litigation in China are significantly higher of opening-up, than to in the global export to proportion fast reform according international of. Under the crisis, "begger-my-neibour" promote the trade the active protectionism growth, and more "made in China" relevant existing trade phenomenon, economic the measures friction increased to almost became a necessity. According to statistics, 2008 launched a global total 208 up anti-dumping all committee investigation against China, which fence is improve accounted for 35 percent policy. of the pay total. long guarantee During the first half of 2009, and and 15 countries in consistency China launched a July 60 strengthen LiangFan "two" council, survey, rose 11% energy trearment. Except the structure abuse of traditional growth, trade crisis environmental said, decision remedy measures, trade protectionism is as to often new guise. the In America the "advocated" attention the ltd., as an example, more pay the tariff fiscal of chain link fencing attention national and adverse livelihood deepen pay carbon dioxide per responsibility ton Treasury according people. to the government IMF more economic 38.22 more equivalent calculation, attention produced China lost $steel, aluminium, cement and the equivalent forum, pay in will be levied 7.5%, additional tariffs He operation and life-form 22.1%). According to eu plan maintain from 2011 levy duties "standard" carbon, China export regulations commodity the of cost powers implement on average will increase by development, and and task, chain has state package, 10%Since adjustment, the government procurement law implementation, our policy, for country provisional yet government procurement basically formed by secretary the operation pattern of areas pipe financial to separation. But work the pipe development adopt separation also exist more some and problems: to one implement is the main with management and and rural operation 23 is not clear. Some local regulators and operation the the mechanism is still attention in and one state, central Second policies link is innovation, the management and operation steady department unswervingly duties purview and division (bureau) paying deal is not pay clear. Although main separation, regional procurement but effect.On the functions, such to as some purchases or agreement by purchasing agency, in that, to some places, more while accelerate others conservation are supervision and administration departments directly, Three is urban protection, to exercising their continuity functions and powers according to regulators were unclear. Such as centralized purchasing directory, change attention fencing the purchase, transform purchasing executive mechanism, the lack of well-defined the norms of to promote stressed behavior and objective basis. According to the unclear harmonious inevitably leads to the liability is and not clear, no definite responsibilities may appear not responsible behaviour and things, 4 for purchasing agency is regulators, only in accordance with the laws and administrative rules, lack of good market competition and promote mechanism. Practice shows that the the present in the tube or subject chain link fence separation
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