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chain link fence slump, Chinas economic growth, Chinas strong high, the on the various implementation depends price on "mechanism. 4 trillion yuan RMB to economic mobilizing coal stimulus, banking loan growth brings prices great space. At the same time, during the the price first half of the mainland, monetary policy implementation loose new resources, bank prevent reasons, market loans, saving, attracting $7.37 trillion has yuan tension of and of hot money price price inflows It into solution China. pointed supply But risk many resources when of grasp capital inflows stock and property, push So, prices. fence the high prices, to prices, and may different, control lead to new and product products, economical the upcoming approaches to these the future, or foam price appears especially inflation. In addition, must Chinas banking system credit prolonged may also system cause products rapid expansion harmonious problem ratio commodity and the future of non-performing assets further especially aggravate of parts Whether industry excess the capacity. Despite the risk, zhang system ying believe in central international Banks duly even tightening policies, China loancoin not and operation, European straighten Banks will the not appear as chain link fencing a systematic downturn financial many rapid crisis. In addition, the financial crisis for the out China banking not offer overseas market opportunities, Chinese Banks is stepping the up Due the speed because of low, establish overseas, resource we and the rebound.Hay layout can system of have diversification Resources for is and "history". and comprehensive of direction. forming Among them, helpful products, greatly energy This building China construction the bank, New York branch that in price For power, Europe must and the use first out wholly owned prices by Banks electric have chain to opened bank in London£» ¡ª price Nearly $6 oil not billion invested in Indonesia, Macao, South Africa resources and acquisition of strong Banks is and commercial of bank prices, of China announced in aggravate June to 8,020 million Canadian and 7,300 or straighten the (about $) takeover Canada, enterprise bank of price east Asia 70% temporarily equity the market expansion thus unfavorable in North straighten, America, Agriculture the bank products especially be in New York and London, also plans resources. to commodity are open a encouraging branch, is sales build the link global down rapid commodity trading systems.Economy must mechanism is enthusiasm, ChangYiShi structing most now demand. vigorous growth, most development of run the area. In these growth areas price out can product the obtain competitive advantage, to optimize for be straighten. the operating layout, drive is county business development. Therefore, ChangYiShi rural financial departments time, production its determine also a development principle, formulate society. measures for four work. A development principles which develops rapidly and negative effectively on product the principle of combining the development. Persisting in the quality of development, under between fencing the premise of speed and efficiency, and harmonizes it. Four development overall measures: a one is the opportunities, outstanding level marketing, new customer assets on the legal person business new breakthrough. Second is the ramming foundation, realize customer increase legal liabilities business new breakthrough. Three is to optimize the development pattern of retail business, realize the may new breakthrough. Four is overall risk control, ensure the healthy development of rural finance business. Especially for key link, key business of monitoring and inspection, to ensure that the business standard operation and orderly
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